Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camp Tonsofun Day 3: The DUNGEON

Day 3 of Camp Tonsofun started out with a treat.  The kids do one bathroom chore every morning after they get dressed.  As soon as their bathroom chores were done, I snuck in & put a See's Root Beer sucker on the bathroom counter with a note that said:
"I'm a 'SUCKER' for clean bathrooms!"

Bladen found them first, but the girls quickly grabbed their suckers from him & danced around the house really excited.

See's lollipops are Lorien's FAVORITE candy.

Today's Big Chore: THE DUNGEON
aka Mommy's Craft Room

Yes, it's gotten WAY out of hand.  It's a room that's meant to be a closet, but I store EVERYTHING in there.  All my fabric & papers were piled in the corner & made it so I never went in there.  I've been wanting to sew & craft again, but the room is such a mess I don't even want to look at it, let alone go in there.  It was time for a makeover.

The first thing we did was pull EVERYTHING OUT.  I piled all the fabrics in one pile & the boys were going crazy.  Craiger found a cute little jungle animal print fabric & kept saying 
I think my next project will be a blankie for Craiger.  It was cute fabric too.

The girls pulled everything off the floor, then swept & mopped it.
I have the best kids on the planet.

Cadence was assigned helping me get the sewing corner organized.  We put all the fabrics in bags according to texture & then we lined them up nicely against the back wall.  We put my sewing machine, my embroidery machine, & Cadence's sewing machine back there as well.  It's like a little sewing nook now.

For lunch I made the kids one of their favorite things in the world.  Have you ever seen those nasty hot dogs with the cheese in the middle?  They GROSS ME OUT.  But my kids LOVE them.  I gag just looking at them.  I usually buy them once or twice a year when I'm feeling REALLY nice.  They've done SO MUCH WORK this week that I had to buy them for them today.  We went grocery shopping (yes, with 5 kids in tow) & they were ANGELS.

So we ate NASTY CHEESE HOT DOGS for lunch.  I even cut them up & served them with little toothpicks & ketchup/mustard dipping sauce.  Gag.  But they were sure happy.

After lunch I broke out the Camp Craft of the day.  I bought them one of those loop looms that I used to have when I was a kid.  I remember playing with these for HOURS as a kid.  They were a HUGE HIT.  The girls were taking turns making pot holders ALL DAY LONG.  When it came time to do the "fun camp activity" for the day (playing the Wii), they turned it down so they could make more pot holders.  I laughed.  They are like me in SO MANY WAYS.

I was really happy with the way the craft room turned out.  I have a beautiful little sewing nook in the corner of the room.  Then I have 4 boxes stacked up full of FHE & church ideas, card stock for crafts, pictures/important files, & then "To-Do Crafts."  I like having the to-do crafts right on top so I can see them & get them done.  I love it.

Then I've got my craft table & files all organized nicely so I can get to anything anytime I need it.  The kids now have 4 drawers to themselves where they can keep all their art supplies.  And all my gift wrapping & party supplies are on the top.  It turned out perfectly.

The kids were proud of their hard work.

And they were even prouder of their pot holders.  :-)

Tonight was Bladen & Daddy's night for dinner.  Unfortunately Daddy wasn't able to make it, but he was there in spirit, but Bladen loved it.  Both Trek & Bladen's favorite food is pizza.  And Bladen loves squeeze applesauce.  We got to tell Bladen why we loved him SO MUCH.  And then when Daddy got home we told him why we love him so much too.  It was a great day.

So the dungeon is no longer a dungeon.  It's a BEAUTIFUL craft room.  Wahoo.  Let's sew something!

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