Thursday, July 19, 2012

Old Friends

There's nothing in the world like meeting up with old friends again.  Being in the military you're always meeting new people & making new friends, but they always move away at some point.  I've learned to never say good-bye because good-bye is never really good-bye in the military.  You ALWAYS find each other again someday.

As we were driving back from Utah, we stopped in Las Vegas to stay the night with Trek's brother.  Well guess who literally lives AROUND THE CORNER from their house?
One of my very best friends from when we were stationed in Germany.  
Lindsay Peterson
I couldn't believe it when she walked through their door.  It was SO FUN chatting like we'd never moved apart.  I miss them SO much & it was SO fun seeing their girls growing up.

Now every time we pass through Vegas, we'll have to get together for lunch.  I love my friends.

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