Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Disney Store Fun

Since Opa & Oma gave the kiddos $20 when we visited, they couldn't get to the 
Disney Store 
fast enough.  They have been saving their money for what seems like forever, & that $20 just put them all right where they needed to be to get some FUN stuff.

The movie Brave was just coming out into theaters so the Disney Store was playing a Brave game in their stores to help promote the movie.  They picked Cadence & Taya to play.  They both won little Brave gift sets.  They were SO excited.

Cadence had been saving her money FOREVER & she decided to spend her money on two Harry Potter lego sets at Walmart.  So she didn't get anything from the Disney Store.  Bladen chose Bruce the Shark (from Finding Nemo) & Craiger couldn't leave the store without Perry the Platypus.  Lorien likes to save her money so she spent only half of it on a Merida doll & Taya spent every last penny she had on a Merida barbie with Angus her horse.

Even I walked out with something fun for myself.  I bought some adorable Mickey Mouse pajamas.  It's been YEARS since I bought myself some pj's & we all know I can't say no to Mickey Mouse.


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