Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 1 of a 3 day travel adventure!

I still can't believe I decided to drive the 15 hour drive to UT by myself with all 5 kids.  I must be thick in the head or something. . . ha ha ha.

School was out & since my mom was in the hospital fighting for her life, I felt like I needed to be in UT with her & with my family during this extremely difficult time.  Poor Trek had to stay behind in Monterey so he could work on his thesis & go to school.  The trip would be for 5 full weeks so we were sad to say good-bye to him.

The drive really wasn't THAT bad.  I made a snack bag for each of the kids with 15 snacks & 3 juice boxes inside.  The kids got one juice box for each day of travel & then I let them eat one snack every hour on the hour for the 15 hour drive.  It kept them quiet & their tummies full, but with minimal bathroom breaks.  It worked out great.

Then I wrapped each of them a "present" for each day of travel.  I bought some cheap things that would help occupy them on the drive.  On the 1st day they each got 
coloring books & crayons.

We drove 5 hours from Monterey to Los Angeles where Trek's parents live.  Sure enough, they had Camp Potter
all set up for the kids.  In each tent on top of their sleeping bags the kids found a pack of M&M's & a $20 bill.  They all started plotting what they were going to buy with their new money.

It was SO nice getting some one on one time with each of my kids.  I enjoyed every minute being with them.

For dinner that night, Auntie Tarrish took us all to IHOP for some breakfast for dinner.  The kids LOVE breakfast for dinner so it worked out perfectly!

It was nice having family every 5 hours of our journey.  It's fun visiting with them & it's nice to not have to drive 15 hours straight.  I love my family.

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