Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Visiting the Mrykalos

One thing I absolutely LOVE about being a military wife is moving all over the world & meeting such wonderful people.  It's always really sad when you move & have to say good-bye, but in the military, good-bye is never really good-bye.

While we were in Utah, we were able to visit some dear friends of ours that were stationed in Monterey with us.  They are actually originally from Hungary, but are serving in the Utah National Guard.  Walking into their home made me miss Europe terribly.  They had the bright colored walls, the European furniture, & the brightly colored kitchen cabinet knobs that I learned to love in Europe.  It was like being in a German home again.  The kids LOVED seeing their friends again.

Cadence & Cspeke
 were in the same class at school & at church in Monterey.  They were best friends for over a year.  When Cspeke moved, Cadence was heartbroken.  I was SO excited to learn that they live so close to my parents.  We'll be visiting them every time we visit UT now.

I was Kata's visiting teacher in Monterey, but every time I visited her she would spoil me with some awesome European dessert.  We visited them twice while we were in UT & she made the most fabulous things while we were there.  This was my favorite.  It was like a vanilla/lemon cake with homemade European yogurt/cream cheese in the middle.  It was HEAVENLY.

I love Kata.  I already miss her.  She is such a sweetheart & I feel blessed to call her my friend.

The Mrykalo's are a wonderful family.  We'll see you at Christmas dear friends!

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