Friday, July 27, 2012

Camp Tonsofun Day 4: The Computer Desk

For day 4 of Camp Tonsofun we tackled the dreaded computer desk.  Though it usually looks just fine from the outside, the drawers & cabinets were a MESS.  I've stopped opening them because I knew I would NEVER find what I was looking for.  It made for a great project for this week.

I slipped a little treat into the kids' toy room this morning.  They do a really good job at keeping their toy room clean.  I gave them a little "Bottle Pop" with a note that read:
"I can't 'BOTTLE' up my joy when I see your toy room THIS clean."

Then I split up the computer desk into mini-jobs & wrote them on pieces of colorful paper, folded them up, & put them in a bowl to draw from.

The kids found their surprise REALLY early today.  The toy room is usually the first room they go into in the morning.

We let Craiger draw most of the jobs out of the bowl throughout the day.  He LOVES pulling paper out of things & gets a kick out of opening them up.  He's a pill.

So we tackled the desk a job at a time.  Each job took about 10 minutes is all, but when there's 11 jobs, it works out well to divide it up with breaks.  There are 2 drawers in our desk & both are JUNK DRAWERS.  They were a MESS

But now they are nice & beautiful & clean.  I know what's in them & know where I can find what I need.  I love being organized.

The outside of the desk wasn't too bad, but it was still pretty cluttered with things.

But now it's de-cluttered, filed & organized, & then we oiled the wood so it shines.  It's beautiful now like the day we bought the desk.

The kids have been putting beads on their necklaces all week every time they do a chore.  Their necklaces are getting REALLY long now.  They're loving it.

For the Camp Craft today we made chocolate suckers. . . but not just ANY chocolate suckers.  We made MUSTACHES.  How cute is that?
The kids each got to make their own mustache.  They did a GREAT job too.

Craiger wanted NOTHING to do with taking pictures.  He was SO MAD that mommy was putting a chocolate sucker up to his mouth but NOT letting him eat it.  Oh well.  He was cute eating his mustache.

The cabinets in the desk were the worst.  I seriously haven't opened these cabinets in weeks because it was such a mess in there.  Now both cabinets look AWESOME & organized.

The Camp Activity for the day was taking a walk to the BX to get treats.  We've been SO blessed to live just a few blocks from the BX & Commissary here in Monterey.  We literally can walk to the BX & back in 30 minutes.  It's great.

The kids each picked a candy bar to eat.  They've done SO WELL this week helping me clean that they deserve a reward for their great attitudes through it all.

Ta-Da!  The desk is done.  Isn't it beautiful now?

Why does Bladen ALWAYS choose BLUE CANDY?  Ugh.  Look at those teeth.

Tonight's dinner was Taya & Mommy's night.  Taya LOVES beans & cheese & watermelon & I'm a sucker for tacos & fresh made salsa.  Since both things go so well together, we shared our special night.

When Daddy got home, he couldn't resist some mustache fun as well.

Tomorrow is our last "cleaning" day of Camp Tonsofun 2012.  It will be bittersweet.  I always love doing this with the kids, but by Friday, I'm pretty worn out.

Then Saturday is our Finale/Field Day.  Since it's the only day Daddy gets to be with us, we always go & celebrate a great week of getting stuff done around the house by going somewhere fun.  This year we're heading over to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for some good food, rides, & carnival games.  It will be a blast.

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