Friday, July 27, 2012

Camp Tonsofun Day 5: Kids' Closets & Drawers

For the last day of Camp Tonsofun we tackled the kid's clothes.  This was MUCH NEEDED just in time to go school clothes shopping.

But first, for our Camp Activity we went swimming.  We had so much fun that we skipped the Camp Craft & kept swimming.  We were there all morning & we had a blast.

When we got home, we all took showers & the little ones went down for a nap.  The girls organized all their pants, shorts, skirts, pi's, undies, & socks.  We took notes on what they were running low on so we knew what to buy for school clothes.

Then we worked on their closet.  We decided they were good on dresses, long & short sleeved shirts, & church shoes.  However, they were in desperate need of new school shoes.

After the kids woke up from their naps, I gave them a note telling them that they
for all the hard work they've done this week with me.  I attached some rock candy to the note.  They loved that.

Then we took a trip to Target & Payless Shoes to buy school clothes.  The girls got some jeans & lots of leggins to wear under skirts.  The boys got some socks.  And they all got a new pair of shoes to replace their old falling apart shoes.

For dinner tonight it was Craiger's special night.  I made homemade chicken nuggets (the Chic-Fil-A recipe I have), french fries, & bananas.  He ate it up SUPER FAST.  He loved it.

And that's the end of Camp Tonsofun 2012.  Tomorrow is our Field Day to Santa Cruz.  It was a SUPER FUN WEEK.

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