Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adventures in Adventureland

After our wonderful lunch, we headed towards Adventureland to hit all of my favorite rides. On our way we ran into the
"Root'n'est Toot'n'est Cowboy around."

He was just leaving so we didn't get to get pictures or autographs with him, but Bladen was SO excited to wave & scream "WOODY" as loud as he could.

Then we all headed to my favorite ride in the park:
Pirates of the Caribbean.
I couldn't wait to be with Bladen on this ride. He LOVES pirates so I knew he was going to like this.

It was a BLAST! Cadence was cracking us up. . . after the first big drop she turned to everyone & said:
"Whoa! That was really fun! I'm not scared at all . . . but I don't want to do that again."
We all thought that was pretty funny.

Bladen was loving it. He was swinging his arm around like a Pirate to the music yelling
"Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho a pirate's life for me."
The girls enjoyed trying to find Captain Jack Sparrow throughout the ride.

Pirates was a huge success. Next we were off to the Haunted Mansion. None of the kids enjoyed that one very much. ha ha ha. I think they were all a little scared. But we HAD to go. There was absolutely NO LINE. We walked into the gate & straight through the front door. It was AWESOME.

After scaring them to death on the Haunted Mansion, we opted for a more "kid friendly" ride:
The Jungle Cruise.
Everybody liked this one. Talon was hilarious. He kept leaning over to me to tell me the ride lady was annoying. I just laughed. "That's her job Talon!" He had never been on the Jungle Cruise before & didn't know that the ride operator is supposed to be a corny annoying stand up comedian. That's why I LOVE this ride. The jokes are SO CORNY that it's hilarious!

Bladen was totally loving the animals. I think he got most excited at the elephants. He loves animals.

And that was the end of our
Adventureland Adventures.
It's my favorite place in the park. I loved it & so did everyone else.

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