Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camp Tonsofun: Day 2

WOW! Camp Tonsofun wasn't so fun the morning of Day 2.

Bladen was limping on day one, but I couldn't figure out why. His foot looked fine & he could still walk on it, so I assumed it was fine. But by day 2, he was really babying that left foot. After he brushed his teeth, he reached up to put away his toothbrush & stood on his tippy toes. There was DEFINITELY something WRONG with that toe because he winced in pain & fell backwards hitting his head on the side of the bathtub. He started crying & I went to console him & noticed blood streaming down his back. AAAAAAAAH!

I scooped him up, along with the other 5 KIDS & rushed to the
Emergency Room.
We were there for about 4 hours & the kids were WONDERFUL! I really have the best kids in the world. They were able to stop the bleeding in the back of his head without stitches, thank heavens. But they were concerned about his foot. His big toe was red, swollen, & burning hot with a fever. It was infected BAD! They took him in for some x-rays because the doctor was certain his toe was broken. But the x-rays didn't show any breaks anywhere. He still thinks it is broken somewhere because of the infection. He said that Bladen probably stubbed his toe a few days ago & broke it somewhere & it got infected. He probably didn't start limping until the pain from the infection kicked in. They gave him some antibiotics & sent us home. (They can't cast a toe unfortunately.) The antibiotics should take away the infection (redness, swelling, & fever) within 2 days. I'm supposed to bring him back if it doesn't go away.

But we survived the craziness. The funniest part was that I was going to the bathroom way too much while we were there & the doctor had me take a urine test. I guess I have a kidney infection & I've been so stressed with everything going on that I've been too busy to realize it. So I got some antibiotics too! Thank heavens for such a great, observant doctor.

We finally got home around 1:00. Bladen wanted to show off one of his blood stained tissues & his big 1/2" cut in the back of his head. SUCH A BOY!

We all had a good nap to help relax after such a hectic morning. When we woke up, we continued with Camp Tonsofun by cleaning our backyard, side of the house, driveway, front yard, & sidewalk. It was a BEAUTIFUL day & cleaning the yard is always fun for me. I love making the outside of my house sparkle & shine!

Bladen was doing better after our nap. He was still limping around & refused to walk anywhere, but he was happy in a chair watching the rest of us get the yard done.

For our Camp Craft we made Father's Day cards for Daddy. Each of the kids picked out a card at the store & then we spent an hour writing letters to him & drawing pictures in them. They are SO excited to give them to Daddy on Sunday.

When the kids set the table for dinner, they found Hello Kitty chocolate sticks at their place setting with a note thanking them for "Sticking" to their chores every day. They loved the chocolate!

It was Taya's special night for dinner. We had her very favorite food: Oatmeal Squares Cereal, bananas, & blueberry muffins. Taya loves breakfast foods. We each went around the table & told Taya why we love her so much & then she chose the book "Silverlicious" for bedtime.

Even though it was a crazy morning, the day ended well for all of us.
Camp Tonsofun
was fun again & we were having a blast as a family.