Friday, June 17, 2011

Camp Tonsofun: Day 4

We started Day 4 of Camp Tonosofun doing a
We went around to different people's houses in our neighborhood, knocked on their doors, & asked them if we could clean something in their house. We actually went to 14 people's houses, but only 4 of them were home. The girls were kind of bummed we didn't get to do more, but we had fun doing what we could. I was delighted to see how happy serving others made them. We had a LOT of FUN!

After we finished our Service Scavenger Hunt, we came back home & I surprised them with 2 new games as a reward for working hard to help others. They were SUPER excited about new games.

For our Camp Craft we made little personalized coupon books for Daddy for Father's Day. Daddy is going to LOVE THEM!

I couldn't get the Wii working
(which was SUPPOSED to be our activity for the day),
so instead we broke open the GO FISH game & had a blast playing it as a family.

It was Cadence's special day so I made her very favorite thing for dinner: homemade Double Decker Tacos
(a crunchy taco put inside a flour taco shell & held together with refried beans)
& Watermelon.

Everybody told Cadence why they love her SO much & she chose a fun book for bedtime stories.

Right before bed, the kids always pick up their toy room so it's nice & clean in the morning. They found candy maracas waiting for them with a note that told them that when they cleaned up their toys it was "MUSIC" to mommy's ears. They liked that.

Day 4 down & one more to go. . . then it will be our
Camp Tonsofun Field Day with DADDY!

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