Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So what are you going to do next? We're going to DISNEYLAND!


For anyone who knows me (& knows me well), I am a Disney FANATIC. I've loved Disney since I was a little girl. . .
I had a Disney Shrine in my closet all through high school for heavens sake!
I worked as an intern as a Disney Imagineer the summer after I graduated High School. I helped design a ride for Disneyland Paris, & 2 rides at CA Adventure, as well as did most of the set design for the Animation Building. While working there I was even offered a job as Belle (but couldn't take it due to time scheduling. . . which I really regret now).

Anyway, even though I've been to Disneyland, CA Adventure, & even Disneyland Paris a gazillion times, I NEVER GET ENOUGH! I would go every day of the year if I could.

So, of course, since we were in Southern CA, we were going to DISNEYLAND with the kids! Opa & Oma were wonderful enough to keep Craiger at home with them so we could really ENJOY the park without having to deal with diapers, bottles, & a crying newborn. It made it HEAVEN! We woke up bright & early (5:00 am!) & left the house by 6:30 so we were at the park gates at 8:00 sharp when the park opened.

The kids were SO excited. Cadence & Lorien brought their Mickey Ears (that they've had for 4 years now) & today was the day that Taya & Bladen would be receiving their first set of "ears."

I love the feeling you get when you walk down Main St. Taya was SO happy to be there. I made Cadence & Lorien close their eyes & I led them to the very front of Main St. facing the castle, then had them open their eyes. All 3 of us started crying. I'm telling you, there truly is MAGIC at Disneyland.

The first thing we did at the park was go into the Emporium to buy autograph books & pens. As much as I LOVE Disney, I don't care much for their prices. They literally empty your pocket book with EVERYTHING! So basically:

4 Autograph Books = $45
4 Disney Pens = $20
Total = $65
Memories of meeting Characters for the first time = PRICELESS

After collecting our "treasure" of books, we ran straight to Pixie Hollow because the kids were DYING to meet TINKERBELL! Unfortunately, Pixie Hollow didn't open until 9:00 so we had an hour to spare. So we visited
Snow White's Wishing Well . . .

and pulled the Sword in the Stone . . .

Then took a quick spin on the carousel.

We were SURPRISED. Not only was it a SATURDAY, but it was MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! We thought for sure Disneyland was going to be PACKED! But so far there were hardly any people there so we weren't having to wait in any lines.

It was almost 9:00, so we started our journey to PIXIE HOLLOW.

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