Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vasquez Rocks

I love Vasquez Rocks. It's located just minutes from Trek's parents house & we have a LOT of memories there. Trek & I used to go there when we were dating. It's hard to get up & down the rocks without having someone else to hold on & balance you.
I think Trek used to take me there just to get me to hold his hand.
What a stinker! (it worked though right?)

Well, on Memorial Day, we took the whole family to see how the kids would do at hiking. Trek & I are BIG HIKERS & we want our kids to enjoy it too so that we can hike more & more as they get older. They did GREAT!

Vasquez Rocks are also beautiful for pictures. We had our engagement photos taken there & there have been several movies filmed there as well. It's a beautiful setting. We couldn't help taking pics of the kiddos with the rocks in the background.

We were having a blast. The kids were loving the feeling of hiking up a HUGE rock!

Lorien is my fearless little tomboy! She terrifies me half the time. She just took off up the mountain like it was no big deal. She literally walked up the entire thing to the very top in the blink of an eye. Cadence did well too. She had a couple stumbles & was a little worried at the height, but she was right up there with her sister.
(Don't worry, we had 5 adults right behind them.)

I stopped about half way up the rock to take pictures of everyone at the top. They were WAY UP THERE. Even Taya & Bladen made it up with Daddy, Tarrish, & Talon. They all did GREAT.

Bladen was loving on Uncle Talon all day long. I think they both loved it!

Taya rode on Daddy all the way up & all the way back down.

Then after all the hiking, we all found one of the caves there & took all sorts of pictures! It was a FUN AFTERNOON!

After Vasquez Rocks, we went back to the house for a Memorial Day BBQ & then we were off for home. We were sad our fun weekend was over, but we had made some

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