Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair

We finished Dumbo right at 10:30 & ran into the line at Rapunzel's Tower. A line had definitely started & we were told it was 1 hour & 40 minutes from that point. Ugh. Oh well. This is DISNEYLAND after all. 1 hour 40 minutes is MUCH better that 3 1/2 hours!

Well, 11:00 came & went. The line never moved. The kids were getting restless so Trek asked the lady at the front what was going on. Apparently "Rapunzel lost Pascal (her lizard) & was looking for him." Hmmm. 11:30 came & went. . . still no Rapunzel. FINALLY at 11:40 (one hour & 40 minutes after she was supposed to get there in the first place) Rapunzel appeared with her handsome buddy Flynn Rider. The girls were squealing in delight at the thought of meeting Flynn. (great. . . I already have girls who think boys are "cute") The line started moving along & we were up to the front door to Rapunzel's room when *SLAM* they shut her door. We were NEXT IN LINE for heaven's sakes!

Apparently, Rapunzel had to "brush her hair." Figures right? It was now noon. . . we had been standing in this line for 1 1/2 hours now. The kids were REALLY restless & almost ready to cry. They didn't understand that Rapunzel would be back. They thought they had waited for nothing. Well, 15 minutes later . . . still no Rapunzel. But on a good note, Auntie Tylee, Tarrish, Carolyn, & Uncle Talon showed up & since we were first in line, they could easily get to us. So we sat & chatted & took pics & laughed while we waited for Rapunzel to return.

At 12:30 we finally asked the lady when to expect her back. I guess she really needed her "ice tea" before she could meet any more kids. Grrr. Looks like Rapunzel is a little bit of a diva! ha ha ha.

Finally at 12:35, Rapunzel returned from brushing her hair & we were able to meet this adorable princess. The kids were overjoyed (& so were the adults). She looked beautiful! She was VERY sweet to the kids. However, Flynn Rider had some other business to attend to, so he couldn't come back to visit. The girls were heartbroken, but still were grateful to get to see Rapunzel & touch her long hair.

Well. . . the kids were hungry so we found a table at a restaurant next to Rapunzel's Tower. Trek went inside to get lunch while we saved the table. We were sitting there talking when all of a sudden Cadence felt a tap on her shoulder!

"Do you want me to sign your book, Blondie?"

It was Flynn Rider. The look on Cadence & Lorien's faces were priceless. What a sweet guy. He signed their books as a swarm of kids started lining up around him. He was ADORABLE! I'm SO happy this happened after the whole Rapunzel fiasco. It totally made our day!

Lunch was WONDERFUL & we were all rejuvenated to go stand in some lines for rides now that everybody was here.
Adventureland here we come!

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