Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camp Potter

I swear, going to Opa & Oma's house just brings back childhood memories for me. My kids are SO lucky to have such fun grandparents!

When we arrived on Thursday night, the garage door opened & there sat Opa & Oma in little fold up chairs just waiting for us to arrive. Trek & I got to go inside first & then the kids got to come in one by one to discover:


They crawled through a little blue tunnel into the living room, where Trek's parents had set up 6 small tents (one for each grandchild) with welcome mats, sleeping bags, side tables, & their very own FLASHLIGHTS.

Talk about FUN! They were running around like CRAZY playing in each other's tents!

Opa & Oma also had $20 for each of them to spend at Disneyland. Along with the money the girls got some FINGER FLASHLIGHTS & Bladen got a LASER GUN!! Boy, this night was just getting better & better!

The kids were in HEAVEN with their new toys & Opa & Oma were in HEAVEN with their grandbabies!

After much FUN & DANCING it was time for bed. I can't believe the kids actually slept in their tents. It was SO MUCH FUN.

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