Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lorien's Haircut

I know I'm just asking for what we know as
"the wrath of Mamoo"
(Mamoo is my grandmother who loves LONG hair on little girls)
I love you Mamoo!!!
but it was time to chop Lorien's hair. She's been asking for it for 4 months & I've kept putting it off because I like long hair as well. But it was time.

Doing her hair has been such a chore lately. She's such a tomboy. She's always up in some tree or hanging upside down on the monkey bars & her hair just keeps getting snagged on branches. Then it's IMPOSSIBLE to comb the next day. She just cries & cries & I just can't do it anymore. I hate hurting her!

Out of all my kids, she's always looked really cute with SHORT HAIR, & I was really flattered when she finally asked if she could cut it like MOMMY because Mommy's hair is SO pretty. How could I say NO to that?

So Auntie Tylee cut it for her & it turned out absolutely ADORABLE. Lorien just looks good with SHORT HAIR. It fits her spunky personality. She LOVES it & I LOVE it, & I'm pretty sure Mamoo is going to love it too!

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