Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pixie Hollow

We went to PIXIE HOLLOW at 9:00 am sharp & were the 2nd people in line. But really, there wasn't a line. They let us right in. The kids loved the little "boat" & Tinkerbell's "house" on the pond in front of Pixie Hollow. Bladen could hear the Tinkerbell music in the background & he started yelling "Bell, Bell!" which is what he calls Tinkerbell.

The line was cute. They made it so it feels like you are shrinking as you walk into Pixie Hollow. You have to SHRINK so that when you meet TINKERBELL, you are fairy size. Such a cute concept.

We could hardly get Bladen to sit still for a picture. He could see TINKERBELL & couldn't really figure out why she was there. He wanted to touch her SO badly hoping it would help him figure it all out.

This is the first time in HISTORY that NONE of my kids were scared of the characters. All three girls were THRILLED to talk to Tinkerbell. They LOVED giving her their autograph books to sign. But I was REALLY surprised that Bladen was enjoying it. He walked right up to her & gave her a hug & handed her his book. He was SO cute:
"Hi Bell."
She laughed & patted him on the head. He LOVED it!

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