Sunday, June 5, 2011


After Adventureland, we headed straight over to
to get in line for the Buzz Lightyear ride. . . the kids' favorite. The line was only 15 minutes long. We couldn't believe our luck on this trip. It really was THE PERFECT DAY at Disneyland.

For those who have NOT had the chance to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride, it's one of the best rides at the park for both kids & ADULTS! You are in seats like any other ride, but they give you a laser tag gun! The entire ride is a shooting range where you shoot anything & everything you can with your laser gun. You can see your score in front of you throughout the ride so it can be quite the competition once you get going.

Trek & Talon were ready to battle it out to see who could get the best score.

I shared a gun with Bladen. He was having the time of his life!

Trek managed to take a bunch of pictures in between shooting things.
So who won?
Trek of course!
Trek had a score of 70,000 points & Talon got close with 67,000. Bladen scored 17,000 on his own which isn't bad for a 2 year old if I do say so myself.

After the Buzz Lightyear ride we headed over to watch
Captain Eo
(the original one with Michael Jackson).

It was SO fun to watch the same movie that played at Disneyland decades ago. After the movie ended, we let the kids sit down to watch the Star Wars Jedi Training. They were all too scared to go up & fight Darth Vader, but they were content with just sitting & watching all the action play out. They are so funny.

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