Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camp Tonsofun Field Day

I can't believe I totally forgot about doing our
Camp Tonsofun Field Day
blog entry before we left for our 2 week vacation to UT. CRAZY ME!! So here's how it all turned out.

On Saturday (since Dad was back from surgery) we had a fun day where we just played together all day long. A lot of the playing took place outside which is a FABULOUS place to be in June. I set up an obstacle course at the park by our house & all 6 of us had to participate.
(We let Craiger sit out on this one)

Everyone had to go up the playground 3 different ways & go down 3 different slides.
(It was great fun watching mom & dad do this)
Then we had to run & complete 10 hula hoop rounds, do jumping jacks to the sidewalk, & then jump rope 1o times.

After our obstacle course, we set up our
homemade pinata
filled with a bunch of yummy candy! The kids couldn't wait to BURST it open.

And after our pinata we awarded certificates to all the

Lorien is SO HILARIOUS. When she got the award for "BEST ATTITUDE" she started to cry because I'm always telling the girls to "change their attitudes" when they're acting up. She thought I was telling her she had a bad attitude all week long. ha ha ha. She laughed when I told her that she had the happiest & best attitude all week. I guess we as parents don't realize how things sound to our kids.

And to finish the wonderful week, we roasted smores in our kitchen. Life doesn't get much better than enjoying smores with your family!

That's a little piece of heaven right there. . .

We're SO happy we had a great Camp Tonsofun week together. As the girls sang in our camp skit:

"We love Camp Tonsofun - Tons & Tons of FUN!"

Until next year . . .

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