Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camp Tonsofun: Day 3

Day 3 of Camp Tonsofun was a BLAST.

The kids found ring pops on the toilets after they cleaned the bathrooms with notes that thanked them for always cleaning the "RING" out of the toilets. They love finding their special notes.

For the activity of the day, I took them to a little grove of trees by the grocery store for a picnic with friends. The trees there are perfect for climbing & they had fun. They played tag, hide & seek, & then ate in the treetops. I enjoyed talking with my friends too. It was fun for everyone.

Poor Bladen wanted to chase, climb, & run too. . . but his toe was getting the best of him. He was limping around trying to keep up, but he always wound up back in my lap for snuggles & kisses. I LOVED IT!

The big chore for the day was cleaning the garage. Our friend found a Black Widow in her garage this morning so we were TOTALLY PARANOID going into our garage. Luckily, we found only one spider & it didn't stand a chance against this
momma bear!

I'm SO happy we cleaned the garage. Now my food storage looks fantastic, the clothes bins are stacked nicely in the back, & we made
parking places for all the bikes.
I love seeing everything clean, dust free, & organized!

After sweating in the garage, we came inside for Craft Time. Today I let them decorate plant pots & they each planted some flowers. They were SO excited to have their own flowers to take care of.

It was Lorien's special day for dinner so we ate her favorite:
Spaghetti & Meatballs & Garlic Breadsticks.
It was DELICIOUS (compared to the chicken nuggets & cereal we ate the night before).

Everybody told Lorien what they loved most about her & she got to pick a story for bedtime.

Day 3 was a total SUCCESS.

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