Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camp Tonsofun: Day 1

We love Camp Tonsofun! Tons & tons of FUN! We do the chores til they're all done, Tons & tons of fun!

We started Camp Tonsofun working on summer morning & evening routines. Each of the kids thought of 5 things they were going to do every morning to get the day started out right & every night before they go to bed. I was VERY happy with some of the things they chose.

Each of the kids found a little note on their beds (after they made them) that thanked them for always making their beds nice & "FLUFFY" every morning. There was also a bag of FLUFFY cotton candy for each of them. They LOVED that!

For our CAMP CRAFT for the day we made a homemade pinata for our field day on Saturday. The kids had a BLAST tearing up newspapers & magazines we had around the house into little strips to add to our paper mache pinata. I cooked up some
(5 parts water to 1 part flour)
& we blew up a balloon & glued the paper strips all around it. It will take about 4 days to dry so we did it on day 1 so it would be ready to fill & break on Saturday.

Our family activity for the day was coming up with our Camp Tonsofun skit.
Cadence & Lorien made up new words to "Old McDonald Had A Farm" & they acted it out on camera.
(I will have to upload the video when Trek is home since I'm computer dumb & don't know how to do it)

"We love Camp Tonsofun, tons & tons of fun. We do the chores til they're all done, tons & tons of fun! With a sweep sweep here & a sweep sweep there, here a sweep, there a sweep, everywhere a sweep sweep!" It was a blast!

Day 1 was Bladen's special day so I made his very favorite dinner: chicken nuggets & oranges. Not my favorite thing in the world, but he LOVED it. At dinner we went around the table & all of us told Bladen why we love him so much. Then for bedtime, Bladen got to pick his favorite book for me to read to them.

It was a great first day of camp! We can't wait for tomorrow!

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