Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Day At The Mall

I love the Valencia Mall. I remember going there all the time before I was married & I still love visiting.
(It has a Disney Store. . . need I say more?)

So, Tarrish, Trek, & I rounded up all the kiddos & headed to the mall for a ride on the
But of course we got to walk through the fun stores on our way to the ride.

The kids had a BLAST! Tarrish rode with Taya & I took Bladen. Cadence & Lorien are finally old enough to ride by themselves. Poor Bladen was SCARED TO DEATH of his "elephant." I was laughing hysterically. He wouldn't even "pet" it. Poor little guy.

After riding the carousel, we walked on the 2nd floor of the mall. Auntie Tarrish spoiled each of the kids with their VERY OWN SLURPEES.

I had an inkling that giving Bladen his own was a BAD IDEA, but I couldn't say NO.

Next time I'll trust my INSTINCT!

Yup, just another day in the story of my life . . .

At least we all got a REALLY GOOD LAUGH over it. The mall staff wasn't laughing like we were though. ha ha ha

After the slurpee incident we went into the Disney Store
(one of my favorite places on earth)
for some FUN shopping. We came across this ADORABLE
Captain Jack Sparrow
hat & wig & couldn't resist putting it on Bladen
(yes, he has another slurpee. We are just asking for it; I know)

Ahoy Matee! I'm a CUTE PIRATE!

It was a fun afternoon! I like lazy days where we can just do whatever we feel like doing. It was a GREAT day followed by an AWESOME MOVIE (Kung Fu Panda 2) & dinner at Baha Fresh.


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