Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We were out of Pixie Hollow by 9:10 so we booked it over to the Princess line before it got long. We couldn't believe our luck. There was still a line, but it was only about 30 minutes long which is FABULOUS. The last time we were there, we waited 3 1/2 hours to meet the princesses. This was turning out to be the

First we got to meet Belle. Once again, Bladen starting shouting "Belle, Belle." He's SO funny. Cadence & Lorien were in HEAVEN! Taya on the other hand, didn't like Belle for some reason. So she cried through most of the Belle visit.

Belle was BEAUTIFUL! I always LOVE to look at the dresses. It was gorgeous! (I have a soft spot for Belle, since that is who I was supposed to be.)

Poor Taya. . . ha ha ha

Next we met Ariel. I LOVE the new Ariel dress. I always felt bad for Ariel in her fin & swimsuit, but this dress is GORGEOUS! It's the prettiest dress I've ever seen at Disneyland. Ariel was ADORABLE. She just talked to the kids like they were best friends. They LOVED her!

Taya & Bladen got bored of Ariel's conversation with them, so they got sidetracked by the scenery behind her. We were cracking up because they just kept hanging over the edge.

And finally, we got to meet Mulan. Bladen had NO CLUE who she was, so he just passed her to check out the scenery again. But the girls LOVED her.

(especially when the line is only 30 minutes long!)

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