Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back to Normal Life

Man it feels good to be in MY house with MY stuff doing MY routine again.  I loved being with my parents, but it really is a different feeling than being with your own stuff.

Because we're moving again in 3-4 months, we really didn't fully unpack everything.  We unpacked the things we couldn't live without, a supply of kids' toys, & basically kitchen stuff.  Everything else is still in boxes in our garage.  I just didn't want to go through the joy of unpacking only to have to pack it all back up in a matter of months.

But things are great here.  I'm unpacked with what needs to be unpacked & we're getting back into a routine.  The kids are loving it here too.

My little Captain America

The very FIRST grocery shopping trip after arriving.
Yup, it took 2+ hours & it was VERY boring.  The boys
actually fell asleep in the cart.

Eating a homemade fortune cookie that Lorien
made with her Fortune Cookie Maker she got
for Christmas.

Cadence made us chocolate chip cookies in
her Easy Bake Oven.

Getting ready for church our very first Sunday
here in VA.  The boys looked SO handsome.

Behind our backyard of our rental.  I just love being out in
the woods.  It's just so beautiful here.

We left Craiger's Mickey Mouse in UT by
accident so my mom shipped it back to us.
Boy was he happy when it showed up in that box.

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