Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun & Crazy Kids

I love my kids.  They make me smile; they drive me insane; they make me laugh.  I do love them with all my heart.  I got some cute pictures while at my mom's house.

Bladen is such a calm little boy who never does
anything wrong & hardly ever even says anything,
but I swear that kid keeps me in the ER on a
regular basis.  This time he ran into a rocking chair
& split open his eye.  Luckily it wasn't bad
enough for stitches, but it has left a lasting scar.
Bladen is also to the point where he feels he's a
big boy that doesn't need to take naps anymore.
Yeah right.  Every time I let him NOT take a nap
this is what I'd find 5 minutes later SOMEWHERE
in the house.

Craiger, being the good brother he is, kept tickling Bladen
to wake him up from his "NOT NAP."
And Taya is no exception too.  She really is too old for naps,
but like the rest of us, sometimes you just want to rest
your eyes for a minute.

Lorien makes me so proud.  She went to an
assembly at her school where they were talking
about how important it is to be nice to people.
They called her up on stage & awarded her as
the nicest person in the whole school.
They gave her a balloon hat, a yoyo, & a bag of
treats.  This is ONE PROUD MOMMA!
(mother of the NICEST kid in school.)

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