Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Eve Fun

So this year for Christmas Eve, we let each of the kids open one present to keep them occupied for the day.  I chose games so that they could play them the whole day.  Games always used to help pass the time on Christmas Eve for me as a kid.  They seemed to make Christmas come faster for some reason, so I thought it would be a good one for them to open.

Craiger got Don't Spill the Beans

The kids were SO excited to open one present. 
Brinley got a cute Minnie Mouse Hair Set.

Bladen got Don't Break the Ice

Taya got my childhood favorite:

Korbyn got an Iron Man dress up toy.

Lorien got Scooby Doo Sorry

And Cadence got Apples to Apples

The kids spent the entire day PLAYING games.  

They were great for helping the time pass quickly.  Mom, Grandma, Cari, & I made the big Christmas Eve dinner & we stuffed ourselves until we thought we would burst.

When things started to calm down just a bit, we did our annual Christmas Nativity Play which really brought the true Christmas spirit to our evening.

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