Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eagle Harbor

So, we found a house we really wanted to buy here in Carrollton back in November, but it was a short sale.  We blindly made an offer & let fate decide whether we got it or not.  Meanwhile, Trek found the rental house we're in right now & the owners offered to rent it to us for 4 months just in case we got that other house.  We signed the rental agreement & hoped for the best.

Well, 2 weeks after we got here we got a call from the bank with a counter-bid on the house we want.  It was a mere $5000 more than what we offered.  We were amazed.  We totally under-bid & thought they'd come back with at least $25000 more than what we offered them.  For $5000 more, we jumped on it.  Wahoo!  We're going to become home owners for the first time in our married lives.

Since it's a short sale, we can't close until March, & we're in the rental house until April 15th anyway.  It actually works out great for us because we can go in in March after all the paperwork is signed & paint, fix things up, etc. before we even move in.  Then in April we'll move everything over to the new house & still have 2 weeks to clean the rental really good for our move-out date.

Both homes are in a neighborhood called Eagle Harbor here in Carrollton.  The rental we're in is on the far South side of Eagle Harbor & our new house is right in the middle of it.  In the rental's neighborhood, there are only 3 other kids (in the entire neighborhood) & no sidewalks.  The road in front of our house is a busy one & people speed past.  The kids can't go outside here, it's kind of sad.  But our new house is in the hub-bub of Eagle Harbor.  It's a 2 minute walk to the lake, bike trail, playground, pool, splash pad, mini golf, course & clubhouse. 

Sunday we parked our car at the new house & just walked around to see what we could find.  We walked around the lake which was GORGEOUS & let the kids swing on the swings around the lake.

After walking around the lake we walked back to our new house to explore the backyard a bit.  While we were out there, I swear 20 kids came out of their houses asking to play with our kids.  This place is kid heaven.  I can't wait to get night games going here.  There's probably 100+ kids on our street alone. It's going to be a BLAST living there.  And there's sidewalks so the kids can ride bikes. . . & ward members all around us. . . March can't come soon enough!

Our first home.  I can't believe we're going to be homeowners!

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