Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My favorite part of Christmas is the stockings.  We do stockings a little bit different in our house than most people do.  Santa does NOT fill our stockings.  We fill each other's stockings.  We collect things all year long & put them in the stockings on Christmas Eve night.  It's a tradition that began back before I was even born.  My mom's family always did that.  Back then we couldn't afford gifts for everyone so a $1 or homemade stocking gift was our way of giving gifts on Christmas morning.  As the years have gone by, the stockings remain the funnest part of the morning.  And still to this day, there are cute homemade gifts inside, as well as small toys & what-not, & sometimes BIG surprises.  I love stockings.

Somehow my dad considered a BOW & ARROWS
as a stocking gift.  Oh boy!

Thanks Dad. . . thanks for the toy that can poke someone's eye
out.  ha ha ha.

My brother is obsessed with a show called
Duck Dynasty.
My mom put this beard in his stocking because
everyone on the show has a beard like that.
What a dork.

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