Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day

SNOW DAY. . .  well, kind of.

Thursday night we got a phone call at 11:30 pm from Trek's commander stating that it was snowing outside & that they were delaying work for 2 hours Friday morning so that everybody could make it to the base safely with the horrible road conditions.  Trek spent the next 2 hours notifying the 60 people in his flight of the delay.  (Try calling people at midnight. . . they DO NOT want to answer their phones.)

It made me wonder about the kids' school.  Sure enough, at 5:00 am Friday morning, I got an email & a phone call from both kids' schools saying that it snowed too much & that school would be delayed by at least 2 hours.  So we slept in of course!

When we finally got up, I rushed to the window to see how much snow we got.  The kids have been missing Utah & I thought it might be fun to have a snowball fight or build a snowman together as a family before they went into school a little later.

Well, we got a grand total of

Yep, you read that right.  1/4 inch.  You could hardly even see it on the ground.  Seriously?  We cancel school & work for this?  These people would NEVER survive in Utah.  ha ha ha.

The real reason they do it is because they don't have plows or salting equipment to take care of the roads so it's safer just to keep everyone home.  They say that everything shuts down: work, school, businesses, restaurants, bridges, roads. . . the whole place just shuts down until the snow melts.  It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.

But I was happy to get 2 extra hours with my entire family.  In fact, I hope it happens again.  We had a BLAST.

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