Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Eve Surprise

 After performing our Christmas Eve Nativity play, it was time to settle down once & for all.  We got all the kids snuggled up on the couch & we turned on The Polar Express.  We LOVE watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve night.

About half way through the movie, we heard sleigh bells at the front of the house.  We turned off the movie & ran around the front door trying to find the source of the bells.  Craiger happened to walk into the piano room (at the front of the house) & came out holding 2 or 3 wrapped presents.  We all laughed that he's the one that found the surprise Santa had left.  Sure enough, there were gifts for everyone from Santa.  There was a note saying these gifts were to hold us over for the excitement of Christmas morning.

What was in the gifts?

Pajamas of course!

I love that all the girls matched.

All the boys matched too!

Of course my dad got Star Wars pj's.

and Trek got Ninja Turtles.
(his favorite toy from his childhood)

And we all know that Santa knows my
obsession for anything Disney!
I got a cute Minnie Mouse nightgown
to accommodate my ever growing belly.

Justin IS a "BAD BOY"

We quickly put on our new pajamas & finished watching our Christmas movie.  Then it was time for bed.  Does anyone ever really sleep on Christmas Eve night?  I know I don't.  I just sit anxious with anticipation of what Christmas morning will bring.  I'm as bad as the kids.

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