Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hero Day

During Drug Free week (in October) in UT, they did a series of "fun days" for school.  One of the kids' favorite days was 

On Hero Day the girls got to dress up like their favorite super hero.  They loved this!

Craiger wanted his picture taken.  What a cutie pie.

Cadence wanted to dress up like her favorite superhero:
She's really into the Avengers right now, though she's never seen the movie.  She loves the little Avengers cartoon they have on & she thinks Black Widow is SO COOL.  (I don't think she realizes Black Widow is more often a bad guy than a good guy.)

I was DONE making costumes for the year so she put this together all by herself using her own clothes, paper, leftover black felt, & sticks from the yard.  I thought it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Lorien made me cry when she came downstairs like this:

How absolutely adorable is that?  I'm her hero.  Made me cry.

Taya wanted her picture taken too just for being cute.


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