Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cadence's New Pet

I totally forgot to mention that Cadence got a fish tank for Christmas this year.  That meant that if she saved up her money, she could buy a pet fish so long as she took care of it on her own.

She saved up $30 & bought some gravel, water conditioner, fish food, & a beautiful large goldfish for her new tank.  She cleans the tank on her own every Saturday & the fish looks great.  (I really truly thought it would be dead after a week).  She's a great little mommy for her pet.

Also, Auntie Tylee sent Cadence a $15 gift card to Claire's for Christmas.  We were finally able to take her to a mall here where she spent her gift card on 4 new pairs of earrings.  Thank you Tylee for thinking of her.  She had a blast picking out the perfect earrings.

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