Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Church Calling

On our drive to Virginia, Trek & I were jokingly talking about if we had a choice, what the ultimate church calling would be for us.  For Trek it was a "teacher" of some sort.  He loves to teach church things in a way that makes people fully understand it.  And he's GREAT at that.  Me, I've always wanted but never had the calling as an Activity Days leader.  I was in Young Women's for 6 years, but never in Activity Days.  Oh how I dreamed of having that chance to work with my girls after they get baptized.

Guess what my new calling in my new ward is?
My Heavenly Father spoiled me this time.
I'm also the new Sunbeam teacher so on Sundays I get to teach Bladen's class.  I love that one too.

I get to work with another amazing woman in Activity Days.  It's just super exciting for me.  Cadence is in there right now & Lorien turns 8 next month so she'll be in there with me as well.  There are 6 Activity Days girls (age 8-11) in our little branch which is perfect.  We do 2 activities a month to help the girls pass off goals to earn their Faith In God Awards.  I'm going to LOVE this calling.

In January we made cloth necklaces.  The girls got to learn how to hand sew & make something & then they each gave a necklace away to someone they felt could use a pick-me-up.  It was fun.

I've already got a bazillion fun activities planned for the entire year.  It's going to be great.

Oh, & by the way. . . Trek got called to be an Elders Quorum Teacher.  We BOTH got SPOILED this time around.

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