Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trek's 34th Family Birthday

The girls had an early out school day on their daddy's birthday so as soon as they walked through the door they started decorating like crazy.

Lorien was in charge of the BLUE streamers.  You can totally tell by the decorating that Lorien did it.  
ha ha ha.
Cadence was in charge of the RED streamers.  She made a cute red curtain leading into the kitchen.
(You can see it in the background of Lorien's blue decor.)

I bought some balloons for Trek when I was out running errands that day.  I even got balloons with a 3 & a 4 on them for 34 years old.

As soon as he walked through the door, the kids jumped out at him & yelled 

Trek opened LOTS of fun presents from family.

Home Depot Gift Card from my parents

Taya made him a streamer.
ha ha ha
Cadence & Lorien made him coupon books for him to use.

The kids & I got him a stereo system for his new car.

Justin & Cari got him a mini-speaker for his iPhone

Grandma K. always sends money in a card.

Mamoo send an AMAZING pirate card with $20
in the bottle.  SO COOL.
Craiger's favorite part of birthday parties is the 
He wanted a Ding Dong instead of the real cake.

I made Trek pizza for his birthday dinner.  As much as I HATE PIZZA, it is his favorite so I made him one with ALL the toppings he loves.

I was lazy this year with being preggo, barely moving, etc. so I bought a Cold Stone Cake for Trek's birthday instead of making my own.  The girls each picked a mix-in for the ice cream & wound up making an amazing cake.
Chocolate Cake, Chocolate ice cream with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Shavings, & Oreo Cookies mixed in, with Chocolate Ganache on top & Reese's to decorate.  I thought it would be chocolate over-kill, but it was beyond FABULOUS.

Happy Birthday Trekkie.  I love you.

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