Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trek's Birthday Breakfast

Man, I thought the end of Hostess was really going to ruin our birthday breakfasts, but I guess there's plenty of look-alike companies out there.  As it turns out, Little Debbie makes little round cake thingys that are identical to Ding Dongs.  Hooray for birthday breakfasts!

January 25th is Trek's birthday.  He's the first of a whole slew of birthdays in the Potter house.
(February is exhausting for me.)
But he's the first one that gets to enjoy all the benefits of having a birthday including the infamous Potter Birthday Breakfast.  I made him his very favorite:
biscuits & gravy, bacon, & a Ding Dong (I'm still calling it a ding dong)

Good Morning Birthday Boy.  You are 34 years young today.

34 years old!

We had a great morning.  Trek loves being surrounded by his family.  We had a lot of fun celebrating together before school/work.

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