Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playing In California

After driving for 5 hours in a jam packed van, we made it safe & sound to Southern CA where Trek's parents live.  We stayed 3 days there to break up the long trip for the kids.  

I'm happy to report that in those 3 days, U-Haul was able to make up for their mistakes & gave us the trailer we were earlier promised as well as a re-hook-up of the electric stuff so the trailer lights would work.  After getting that put on, finding a place for all our stuff was a breeze.  In fact, we unloaded part of Mom & Dad's garage into our U-Haul to take to Trek's brother Tuhk who just bought a house in Las Vegas.  We could stop by on our way to UT & take him all his furniture & boxes from Mom & Dad's house.  Double move!  Rock on!

We had fun there.  We got to go to a huge bounce house play place where the kids could run free & do whatever they wanted to.  They had a BLAST.

Bladen is proving to be quite the rock climber these days.  He can scale almost any rock wall put in front of him.  He loves it too.  He's going to be a rock climber like his daddy.

The girls had a blast with Grandma Kinsfather & Auntie Tarrish too.  There is always fun things to do at Oma & Opa's house.

After 3 days in CA we said our good-byes & headed out for UT.  We stopped in Vegas to see Tuhk's new house (which is beautiful) & so we could unload his boxes & furniture from CA.  Then we were off for our next adventure for 3 months in Spanish Fork, UT.

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