Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Family Pictures 2012

My dear friend Kata Mrykalo lives in Provo not far from my parents & she is a FABULOUS photographer.  She took our family pictures this fall & they turned out beautiful.

What a sweet moment between my mom & Cadence.

The whole family:
Justin (my brother), Cari (his wife), Brinley (my niece), my Grandma Cherry,  me, Trek & Craiger
Korbyn (my nephew), my handsome daddy, my beautiful mom, Cadence, Taya, Lorien, & Bladen

My parents with their grandkids (minus Bladen who was being a pill
& didn't want to be in ANY pictures at that moment.

I love my mom & dad.

Yup, that's my brother in a nutshell right there.

Justin & Cari are GORGEOUS aren't they?
SO photogenic!

Trek & I silly in pictures.  I never like pictures I'm in.

My beautiful Grandma Cherry.
I hope I age as beautifully as she does.

My amazing mom.  She's been through 8 months of torture this year.  She had a surgery that went terribly wrong.  Problem after problem occurred & she even died for a while.  They told us she would be brain dead, a vegetable, but she was a fighter.  It took her several months to learn to walk, talk, eat, move, & do normal things again.  She lost all her hair, & is still very weak at times, but she's alive & fighting.  She's such an example of beauty, determination, courage, & strength to me.

Cousins & Best Friends

This is how we announced I was pregnant with #6:
The Potter Family is growing by 2 feet in May 2013

I love my little family.

Justin's Sweet Family 
I just love this kid.  So mischievous. 

Kids just don't get much cuter than this.

Mamoo & her great-grandbabies

Lorien, my freckle faced tomboy.  Oh how I love her.

Taya my little princess.

Cadence, smart as a whip, & beautiful inside & out. 

I loved this pic of Lorien.  Messy hair, leaf hanging
out of her mouth.  Yup, that's my girl.

My handsome little man.  Watch out ladies.

There's a reason we call Craiger
You can see it in his eyes!  But I wouldn't
have him any other way.

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