Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friends Christmas Party

Now what would the Christmas Season be like without parties, friends, & good food?  I have the same best friends that I've had since I was 9 years old & in 4th grade.  (That's Cadence's age).  We've been friends through thick & thin & amazingly enough, we've kept in touch over all these years.  It's very rare that we actually get together because we're all so spread out across the world.

So we planned a Christmas party for those who were in UT visiting for Christmas.  Of course we didn't have EVERYBODY, but there was a good group of us there & it was GREAT catching up & having fun together.

While the grown ups visited in the living room, we let the kids sit at the table & make gingerbread houses.  Yes, it was a mess. . . but they had a blast.

Jake got in on the action too.  His fell over quicker than the kids' did.

We had a great time talking & catching up on life.  I miss my buddies & hate being so far away from them.  The next time we're in UT we'll have to plan another party.  I had a blast.

Sweet Amanda

My bestest friend in the whole wide world:

What are the chances 2 of my best friends would wind up
marrying each other?
Love you Jake & Steph.

It was great to see Phil.  I hadn't seen him
since my wedding day.

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