Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

Now that we're now somewhat settled out here, it was time to make Dr. & Dentist appointments for everybody.  The dentist came first & we found an awesome pediatric dentist office in Newport News.  I was amazed at how great these guys were.  They took ALL MY KIDS back at the same time & had 5 technicians cleaning their teeth at once.  1 hour is SO MUCH BETTER than 4 or 5 in a dentists' office.

Not only did they do a great job (5 kids & NO cavities), but they had so many things for the kids to look at, touch, & play with.

Lorien liked brushing the dragon's teeth.

Craiger was fascinated with their fish tank.

And Taya wanted to be a dental tech herself.

It was a great experience for everyone.  Bladen screamed for 10 minutes when we first got in there, but once he saw Craiger getting his teeth cleaned without crying he decided he'd be okay.  They actually had a lot of fun & came home with new toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, & bouncy balls.

It was great.

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