Monday, August 24, 2009

Arriving at the Freiburg Temple

So it was a super long drive to the Freiburg Temple. It was only supposed to take 6 hours, but in Germany, if you hit road construction. . .you might as well add an hour or two to you commute. We got up at 3:00 am & left a little before 4 am so we could make it to the temple by 10 am. Everything was going great at first & then we hit construction after construction after construction! But even though that got us behind, Trek would make up time on the autobahn. Still, everything was going as planned until we looked down & realized we were almost out of gas. Out here in Germany we are allowed to buy gas on the economy as long as it's a certain gas station. If we get gas at an Esso Station, we only pay the $3.00 a gallon that we pay on base. However, if you get gas somewhere else, you're going to pay nearly $12.00 a gallon!! Well, we needed gas, & there wasn't an Esso ANYWHERE!! The GPS finally found one that was 30 minutes out of our way, & against our will we drove there so we wouldn't be paying upwards of $100 to fill our tank. We drove all the way to the Esso station only to learn that it is no longer an Esso station. It was now a Hem station. We were SO upset. We only put enough gas in to get us to the temple (about 15 liters) & hoped that there was an Esso near there. So now we were 30 minutes behind schedule. Then, as we got closer & closer to the temple, Taya started to cry & frown & much to our dismay, she started throwing up. The roads here induce motion sickness so easily & it finally got the best of her. Poor Baby! So I was trying to feed Bladen with one hand, cleaning up throw up with the other, while Trek is going as fast as he can to get us to the temple on time. When we arrived it was only 10:30. Really that wasn't so bad. The reason we had to get there at 10 is because we had friends waiting for us so that we could watch their kids while they did something in the temple & so they could watch ours while we did something in the temple. When we got there, the Stephen had already gone inside & poor Kate was sitting with her kids waiting for us. We felt so bad. So Trek went in to do sealings & Kate & I just sat & talked with the kids. She left shortly after to go find her hubby & spend a little time with him inside. Soon after she left, Trek came back. When they got done, we all took lots of pictures of each other in front of the temple. It is a cute teeny tiny temple. It's smaller than a church building! I'm glad we got to go.

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  1. I am glad you took advantage of the oppertunity to go to all the temples while being over there, what a blessing to be able to do this, your time is limited now I can't wait for you to get home, back to the United States where I can come see you, I miss you and the little ones so much. Grandma