Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Prague Castle

At the very top of Prague is a castle. It's not a castle like most of the castles' we've seen out here in Europe, but it's more of a palace! It kind of reminded me of the palaces we visited in Austria last summer. There was a beautiful gate with scary statues on it,

& 2 guards that guarded the gate.

There was a large open area where the kids could run free, along with a huge fountain. . .& you know my girls & fountains! We had to take some pictures in front of it while everyone stared & pointed out that we have 4 kids. I don't know why it's such a big deal to people that I have 4 children. Trek & I crack up & count how many times we hear somebody whisper "Fier Kinder!"

We enjoyed playing around the courtyard, & then we were off for the castle's main attraction: the Catheral!


  1. I never see how those guards can just stand there like that. I can't stand still for two minutes. When will you get your next orders?

  2. We should get new orders the first of the year. We're set to move May 2010, so we'll see where we end up! (Hopefully CA)