Monday, August 24, 2009

Prague. . .the city

After the temple, we took off for Prague in the Czech Republic. A couple things about Czech Republic:
#1: You need a sticker to drive on their highways. . .it took us forever to find a place where we could purchase a sticker for our van.
#2: They have their own money & the conversion took us forever to figure out. 25 of their money equals 1 Euro. . .we still don't know how much of theirs equals one of our dollars. But I think in Euros now anyway so that worked out.
#3: It's cheap! Once you figure out the money, you realize all the souvenirs, parking, food, etc. is dirt cheap!
#4: Lots of cheap parking! We never find Parking Garages very easily out here. They have several & they are fairly cheap compared to other cities we've been in.
#5: It's one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world!! This is a MUST SEE city!

The first thing we did was hike to the castle. The view of the city from the wall is breathtaking! We took several pictures of the city. It's definitely a city worth traveling too.

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