Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prague Cathedral

Inside the walls of the castle is the Prague Cathedral. To me, it actually looks more like a castle than the castle does. The Cathedrals are always Trek & my favorite sites in European cities. They are some of the most beautiful buildings on earth. This one was no exception. It was gorgeous. And the way it stood on the top of the city just made the city all the more beautiful.

The girls had fun running around the courtyard, & then we took pictures of each of them in front of the cathedral to prove they were there.

Then we went inside. It was very similar to Notre Dame in Paris with it's vaulted ceilings & stained glass windows. I loved the Prague Crest made out of gold on the wall. It was a beautiful cathedral both inside & out!

On our way back outside, we had a quick bathroom break (a must with my kids) & then headed back out towards the city. On our way out of the castle we noticed that Prague has it's own Eifel Tower, but about 1/3 the size of the one in Paris. The girls thought that was pretty cool. Now we were off to dinner. . .

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