Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe. . .Prague

By the time we got across Charles Bridge, the kids were starving. . . & so was I. The Hard Rock is right next to the city center, so I knew we were close. It was great, because it just popped out of nowhere! I must admit, Hard Rock's food isn't my favorite, but after living in Europe for 3 years, there's really nothing like an ICE cold drink (with ice in it) & FREE REFILLS! Sometimes you just want good old American food! The girls love it there because they always get balloons, crayons, & a Hard Rock coloring menu. They colored forever! Taya was fascinated with my lime slice in my Sprite, so I gave it to her camera ready. Poor baby wasn't expecting what she got!

The girls both got Mac n Cheese & shared with Taya. Trek got chicken strips & I got a big taco salad type of thing. It was good enough to hit the spot. I like to collect hoodie jackets from all the Hard Rocks we go too, but out here in Europe, they all have the exact same one. So now I don't have a hoodie from Rome or Prague. Bummer. But I do have one from Cologne, Amsterdam, & Paris. So that works. Trek got his pin, so he was happy. Someday I want to make a quilt out of all my Hard Rock shirts & hoodies to show everywhere Trek & I have traveled together! We enjoyed our little dinner together in "little America!"

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