Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wittlich Pig Fest

After the Miller's kids went home, we packed up & went to the Wittlich Pig Fest. It was somewhat bittersweet for us this time because we knew it would be our last. We look forward to moving back to the states, but we are sure going to miss the fun things out here. August & September are the best months in Germany because of it's festivals & Oktoberfest. The Pig Festival is the first of several over these months. We love the Pig Fest because it always has the best carnival rides. There's little shopping booths (nothing real exciting this year), tons of food (yum!), & rides. We told the girls they could each ride one ride & have one treat.

So first came the rides. Lorien & Taya wanted to ride the ponies. Normally Cadence loves to ride the ponies, but she had her heart set on another ride. . .the "spinning ride of puke!" (At least that's what it should have been called.) So we took the littler girls to the horses, which they LOVED! Taya was so cute on her horse. She cried a little at first because she didn't know what was happening, but once the horse started to move, she loved it. Lorien always loves horses.

After the horses, we went to Cadence's ride. Both Trek & I battled back & forth on who "HAD" to take her on it. In America, there would be NO way ANY kid under 10 could ride this thing. That's one thing that cracks me up about Germany. They really don't care. Everything is so dangerous here! But she wanted to ride it & I knew she wouldn't get hurt, I just thought it might make her puke. But she BEGGED & pleaded with me, so I figured, let her ride & if it makes her puke, she won't want to ride stuff like that again! The problem was whether Trek or I would puke. We used to love this kind of stuff, but we're learning that as you get older, you don't enjoy that type of stuff as much anymore. Trek's got the weaker stomach, so I got to ride it with her. It turned out to be a blast! I didn't get sick at all, but I had to say that was NOT a ride for kids. Cadence was yelling, "I'm sick! Make it stop!" about a minute into the ride. But she survived. It was much faster & scarier than it looked from the street. I didn't realize it went upside down in the back where you can't see it, so that scared Cadence a little bit. But overall it was super fun & I think she was proud of herself for what she did!

After the rides we sat down & had dinner. The girls had pizza brotchen (pizza bread), Trek had a bratwurst (of course), & I had hänchen gyro (or a bunch of yummy chicken in a roll with sauerkraut & white sauce). We all split a fanta (because the drinks cost more than the food out here.) And then we were off in search of treats.

The girls all opted for COTTON CANDY! The messiest, but yummiest treat in the world! They loved it & made a giant mess with it. But we had wipes & all was well.

I got my favorite European treat: crepes! This time I got a kirchen & nutella crepe. So basically a delicious crepe filled with cherries & nutella chocolate! It was so good that I had a bee follow me around the rest of the night. He kept landing on my crepe & would try & dig into it with it's antennae. It was gross, but NOTHING comes between me & my crepe!

And Trek had his favorite treat: Reibeküchen (aka: potato pancakes with applesauce). It was fantastic.

On our way out, we let the girls go fishing for ducks which Taya LOVED. They won some play rings & earrings which was fun for them.

As we left, I was telling Taya to put her shoes on. That kid loves to take off her shoes & throw them. It's so hard to keep shoes on that kid! And now she's developed a habit of plugging her ears every time I tell her to do something she doesn't want to do. . .the little imp! She did NOT want her shoes on. Oh well. . .what mom says goes whether she plugs her ears or not!

And then we said farewell. It was almost sad. I know Pig Fest is just one of many festivals we'll be going to this summer, but deep down we know it's our last "Wittlich Pig Fest!" So sad! We're now realizing that everything we do is our "last time". We have less than 9 months left. Wow how time flies! But we've lived it up! We've made some great memories!

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