Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Staying the Night at the Temple

After Prague, we drove back to Freiburg to the temple where we had reserved a room at the hotel on the temple grounds. We got back around 11 pm & as we feared, the temple gate was shut & locked. The hotel is on the temple grounds, so we thought we were sunk. We had checked in before we left for Prague & had our key to our room, but they never said anything about being locked out of the main gate. We started to panic & I started running through a "How am I going to get the kids to fall asleep in the car?" mode. Trek calmly told me to stop panicking & he pulled out the hotel key. There was a lock on the gate, so we thought, why not? The key went into the lock without a hitch & opened the gate to the temple. I couldn't believe it! We had a key not only to our hotel room, but to the entire temple grounds! Why would they trust people with that? But then I started thinking about it & DUH! If you're worthy to go to the temple, you're not going to misuse the key. . .you're honest. How cool is that? You don't find that much in the world today. So, we parked the car, locked the gate back up, & went into our hotel room. It was perfect. There was a bed for Trek & I, a small bed for Taya, & bunk beds for the other girls. And the best part? It only cost us 20 Euro to stay there! Which only goes to prove that the temple is the greatest place on earth. Not only is it a good, clean, place to stay, but you get to do wonderful temple work inside that uplifts your spirit & brings peace into your life. It doesn't get much better than that! I woke up early so I could go do some temple work before we left since Trek got to do some the day before. Trek got the kids ready & fed so I could go inside. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough people to do anything when I was there, but I at least got a chance to walk around & see things & feel the peace inside. We left the temple around 9 am & headed on our way to BERLIN!!

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