Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cadence the Soccer Player

This week it's Cadence's turn to go to soccer camp. Her camp is all 5 days for 3 hours a day. She is having a blast so far & I love it because she comes home completely exhausted! She has been sleeping REALLY well at night because of how tired she is. Daddy has been taking her to soccer this week because it works great with his work schedule right now. He drops her off when it starts, goes to work for a few hours, & then picks her up when she's done & comes home for lunch. He's taking a class online from lunchtime until bedtime here at home via video conference in our bedroom. It's been a crazy schedule, but it's so wonderful that he can go & watch Cadence play soccer. It's always nice to have a little alone time with daddy. . .although mommy is going to crash the party at least one of the days! I have to see her in action too! But so far she is having a lot of fun. Here's a few videos of what she's been doing.

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