Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Call Me Octomom

The Millers went to the temple today, so we took their kids. We'll go to the temple next month & they'll take our kids. The arrangement works out really well. Trek went to their house at about 5:30 am & slept on their couch until the kids got up. Then he dressed them & fed them & brought them to our house. By the time they got to our house it was 10:30. I packed up 10 lunches & we headed out to the lake for a couple hours.

We ate a picnic lunch,

played on the playground (especially the teeter-totter),

had fun in the paddle boats,

& petted horses!

It's hilarious because the Miller's youngest, Paige, does NOT like me. I don't know why she does not like me, but she won't let me hold her or feed her. Only Trek can do that. Trek said he HAD to take a picture of me holding her just for a laugh. Look at the poor girl's face. I wonder why.

By the time we got done at the lake, their mom & dad were back from the temple. It was perfect!

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