Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Taya has always been my perfect eater. We have NEVER found anything she didn't like & she has always eaten several helpings of whatever it is that is placed before her. In nursery on Sunday, the leaders all laugh & tell me that she eats several snacks herself, as well as eats whatever all the other little kids leave behind. She's a human vacuum when it comes to food. She's such a crack up. Well, over the last 3 or 4 days, she has hit the "I don't want that" syndrome. She has NEVER said NO to food before. EVER!! And now I can't get her to eat ANYTHING! Do you want this? NO! How about that? NO! Banana? NO! Hot Dog? NO! Over the last 4 days, she's hardly eaten anything. I remember this phase with both Cadence & Lorien, but I never imagined Taya would ever be able to turn down food. Cadence & Lorien were picky eaters, but not Taya. What's a mom to do?

If you listen carefully, you'll hear her babble about what she wants to do OTHER than eat her hot dog. She mentions watching Cinderella, giving her hotdog to Lorien to eat, & talking to Baba. Anything to get her from having to eat that hotdog!

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  1. Does she still say no MOm to ice cream, then you have to worry ha ha. she is so dang cute.