Monday, August 10, 2009

Lorien the Soccer Player

This week is Soccer Camp for Lorien. The girls mentioned they wanted to try a sport this summer, so I thought soccer might be fun. This week is Lorien's camp & next week is Cadence's. If they enjoy the camp, then I'll sign them up for team soccer in the fall.

So far Lorien loves it. Soccer just fits her personality! It was a little hard at first trying to figure out how to move the ball with her feet, but by the end of the first day, she was doing really good. She looks absolutely adorable in her soccer get-up too. She loves the shin guards & her hair in ponytails. Oh & she loves "posing" with her new soccer ball. Isn't she darling?


  1. Cuteie pie, I bet she does well at soccer, she seems like the sport girl.

  2. Cool! We'll have to give that a try next summer. Lorien is cute in her ponytails. :)