Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A walk across Charles Bridge

So, after the castle & cathedral, we started our walk towards the Hard Rock Cafe on the other side of the city. In order to get there we got to walk across the world famous Charles Bridge. There were so many beautiful buildings along the way, we kept stopping to take pictures. It seemed like every church we passed was having some sort of musical concert: Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, you name it, it was playing! This place was HEAVEN for me!

And along with the pretty buildings, there were shops everywhere! This place was a shopoholic's dream! Cadence & I peeked into all the stores to see what fun things they sold. (Puppets were very popular here!)

The bridge itself is beautiful. I took pictures of the entry gate & of the exit gate. They are so beautiful!

There were guards posted at each side of the bridge gates as well. . .

And then the view was gorgeous from the bridge itself. There were all sorts of artisans selling jewelry, portraits, paintings, & metalwork. Trek & I bought a gorgeous watercolor painting of the Prague skyline to hang up on our wall at home. I love the feeling of Europe. I'm surely going to miss it when we leave here!

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